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The Rules of Inflation (Edinburgh Fringe): #FreshOffTheStalls

rules of inflation

Bonkers, disturbing, and full of balloons, this #FreshOffTheStalls tries to get its head around experimental political satire, The Rules of Inflation.

The Rules of Inflation is a dark and experimental devised piece of immersive theatre that explores modern politics and socio-political issues. A “children’s” party is presided over by a domineering clown, who takes his guests through a series of games. What dance can you do with a balloon? Who will win at musical chairs? And what about the election? We get to vote which guest we want to see win: pink (a curious and competitive outcast), yellow (playful and naive), blue (wise but abused and objectified), and green (obedient and institutionalised).

Devised by Joshua Webb, Bryony Cole, Emily Sitch, Bj McNeill, and Nastazja Somers, The Rules of Inflation one of the most off-the-wall and “out there” pieces of theatre currently playing, involving direct audience interaction, cake, and a lot of balloons. It’s aim is to produce a dark satire of our political system, pricked with relevance given the upcoming London mayoral, national, and American elections. McNeill and Somers are also founders of No Offense Theatre, who produce the succesful and acclaimed hit, Torn Apart at Theatre N16 late last year.

The Rules of Inflation forms part of the 2016 season of the newly moved Theatre N16. Having left its home in Stoke Newington to relocate to The Bedford, Balham, Theatre N16 will support 29 different companies this year. Upcoming shows include Howard Barker’s explicit “feminist” take on Hamlet, Gertrude – The Cry, and a site specific piece, The Killing of Charles Bravo, which will explore an unsolved local murder where The Bedford was used for the inquest back when the building was a court.

Theatre N16 offers external theatre companies fee-free performance space, enabling Theatre N16 to nurture and promote fringe talent that might otherwise go unnoticed due to financial limitations.

The Rules of Inflation plays at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (venue 53), Edinburgh, EH8 9DW, until 20 August 2016. Tickets are £10 (concessions available). To book, visit

The Rules of Inflation was reviewed during its run at Theatre N16, London, SW12 9HD, in March 2016.

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