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Leon West End (Shaftsbury Avenue, London): Preview – #TheGGC

Leon West End Curtain up! It's time to serve and shine. The front of house cast at Leon West End. Photograph: Courtesy of Leon Restaurants.

Fast food chain Leon have opened an all-signing store in the heart of Theatreland, Leon West End, and James Waygood was at it’s grand opening.

Founded in 2004, Leon’s ethos has always been about fast good that was good, fresh, and healthy. Over a decade on, and it’s become a ubiqutous sight in the capital and has been serving happy health conscious and taste concerned customers across the city. Leon’e newest restaurant, Leon West End, offers something a little extra with your lunch: some West End musical belters!

We all know the concept of singing for your supper, but Leon West End gives you singing with it! All the “front of house staff” are fully trained musical performers and will gladly seranade you and your sausage, pop an arpeggio in with your asparagus or even sweetly sing you a lullaby to go with your latte. All the workers at Leon West End have been auditioned for the job, with many of them fresh out of stage school and with hopes that they’ll one day end up in one of the theatres accross the round or elsewhere in Theatreland. Leon West End is a wonderfully unique concept that adds a bit of showstopping glamour to your lunch hour.

As always, the food at Leon West End is as high a standard as at any other Leon branch. The emphasis on fresh and healthy doesn’t mean you sacrifice good taste for goodness. Part of the grand opening’s taster menu included their signature meatballs, hummus and pita bread, chicken green curry, a quinoa and pomegranate salad, and a cauliflower korma (my favourite). The food is filling, good for you, and most importantly, damn tasty!

The decor at Leon West End is also unique, with pieces from its owners own collections relating to theatre, and a couple of mock-up West End posters with some amusing food and drink based puns on them (“Stralight Expresso”, anyone?). Furthermore, the restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible, and many of the seats also have plug and USB charging sockets if you fancy staying a little longer.

Leon West End’s popularity is bound to rise fast, and will no doubt soon be a favourite with tourists wanting something unique to London’s West End without going too far off the beaten track: you can bet Time Out and Lonely Planet will be all over this! If you love musicals and food, glorious food, then Leon West End’s side order of songs is a wicked sensation!

Leon West End is now fully open and can be found at 62 Shaftsbury Avenue, London, W1D 6LS. For more information about Leon restaurants, visit